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5 Questions with All Bright Founders

5 Questions with All Bright Founders

In the latest edition of our “5 questions with” series we spent the day with successful female entrepreneurs and co-founders of ALLBright, the world's largest career network for women. This power duo, (Debbie sold her previous business, Love Home swap for $53m in 2017 and Anna was the former CEO of publishing giant Hearst) are champions for gender equality, co author of 'Believe Build Become: How to supercharge your career' and high profile champions of supporting and investing in women in business.
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What was the reason and motivation for starting AllBright? (Anna)

AllBright came from mine and Debbie’s shared desire to level the playing field for women at work. We realised that network, skills and career confidence can all be developed, nurtured and grown to help women achieve their career ambitions.

Fast forward to today and it’s gratifying to see that an idea scribbled on the back of a napkin is now a multi-faceted business, connecting smart-minded women through physical and digital spaces with a thriving global community of women supporting one another. 

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How important do you think fashion and dressing well for professional women is? (Debbie)

I think it’s down to the individual, but for Anna and I it’s part of the armour. I feel ready to do battle if I’m in a dress, heels and my hair is done. I also think it’s part of our special sauce as female leaders that we get to stand out and be creative in the way we dress. Who would want to wear a boring navy suit every day? 

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What is your personal approach to dressing - especially for work (Anna)

Having worked in the media for many years, you quickly have to decide if you're going to follow the trends or follow your own style. I decided early in my career that dressing for my shape in things that had longevity was more important than slavishly following the latest trends. I tend towards wearing classic cuts and colours but with interesting details that make them stand out. I have a lot of clothes and often find things I wore a decade ago and style them with something from this season.


What is the most important business lesson that you have learned? (Debbie)

I think it's about growing a thicker skin. It's particularly a challenge we observe in young girls and women that struggle with wanting and needing to be liked. Not everyone is going to like everything you do or say and that's ok if you remain true to your mission and purpose. Our rhino hides have grown as we have got older.


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Debbie and Anna's Style Picks


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