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5 Questions with Cath Kidston Padgham

5 Questions with Cath Kidston Padgham

We were delighted to have the opportunity to sit down for a chat with the founder of the brand-new wellness brand we have recently introduced to Iris - C.Atherley.

It was a pleasure to meet the creative powerhouse that is Catherine Kidston Padgham MBE, who gave us a little insight into the inspiration behind her beautiful new venture, her passion for geraniums  … and of course what she will be putting on her own Christmas wish list from Iris this year!

We hope you enjoy meeting her as much as we did.

Love Iris X

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What gave you the inspiration for launching this beautiful new brand?

I was lucky to spend a lot of time in my greenhouse cultivating geraniums during the pandemic. I am fascinated by all the incredible variety of fragrances they have. A chance meeting with friends in the skin care industry led to the idea of creating a company specialising in products derived from plants and it all went from there.  

What was the motivation behind your switch from textiles to the world of self-care - are they connected for you...we notice you use beautiful floral graphics on the packaging for C.Atherley. 

I have always loved retail and brand building so the idea of creating something new and building the look, feel and values of a brand is a wonderful challenge. I have always been interested in body care being a hand cream and bath product addict from an early age is it all fitted together. I am really happy to be working on something so personal to me, cultivating the initial plants at home to create the fragrance and then designing the packaging is the icing on the cake ...

What made you feel that Iris would make a good brand partner for you with C.Atherley

I used to live next to an Iris store and it was a favourite shop of mine so I am very familiar with the brand.  I am a big fan of your own label products. You also have super friendly staff which is always a  bonus!  


Shop C.Atherley @ IRIS


Candle 200g-Geranium



Hand Wash 300ml-Geranium



Hand and Body Lotion 300ml-Geranium



Bubble Bath 300ml- Geranium


Are you a fashion lover? Tell us a little bit about your own personal style?

I like clothes but I'm not sure if I would say I am a fashion lover as such as I am certainly not driven by trends these days. I like classic clothes and value fit and fabric quality but always like a hint of eccentricity thrown in. 

What are your favourite brands that you gravitate towards and what have you got your eye on personally at Iris this season?

APC are a classic,  I have collected Isabel Marant pieces over the years.Bellerose are great and I always like Paige Denim. 

I love the colour of your Mabel Red Alpaca - the perfect cherry red!  And your Fran checked coat is on the list!

*Photo credits, images 1 and 4 by Chris Floyd   

Shop Cath's Picks


Mabel Alpaca Cardigan- Cherry Red

£185 £130


Laurel Canyon Bootcut- Dark Denim

£265 £186


Paige Genevieve Flared Jean- Black

£270 £189


Dewina Boots- Taupe



Stripe Earrings


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