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5 Questions With Thomasina Miers

5 Questions With Thomasina Miers

For this months feature we were invited into the gorgeous family home of Thomasina in North London. She's a cook, author and co-founder of Wahaca and talks to us about fashion, career highlights and how she finds some stillness in her busy life. Enjoy!
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It’s 2022- Did you make and New Years resolutions and how is that going?

'I am not big fan of telling myself to give up on things because I feel that is a very negative way to start the year. Nowadays I prefer to think of the New Year as a possibility of doing positive actions. This year I have decided less is more and to sit down and focus on the projects I really want to do and just make those happen whilst trying to cut out the rest of the noise.

You’re a chef, author, mum, business woman and so much more. How does your wardrobe cater for all those different purposes?

'My daytime wardrobe is more utilitarian: A line skirts, trainers, jeans- all the things that feel right when I’m working in the kitchen or am out on my bike. In the evening it’s all about dressing up. I am a big fan of leather trousers, cool boots and really glam tops!'

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Talking general business, what’s been your biggest learning?

'What I have really learned in business and life is that you have to trust your gut. The whole idea of ‘Where am I going to be in 10 years?’ seems irrelevant when you don’t know whether you’ll be run over by a bus tomorrow! The other things is: surround yourself with great people that complement your skills.'

What has been a career highlight so far?

'I was a proper slow starter in my career. I have cooked since I was 6 but it took me until I was 26 to work out that it was a viable career. When it started to go right there are definitely some proper highlights– winning Masterchef felt huge and it always makes me so emotional to speak about it. It felt like the first affirmation after years of falling over and stumbling. Opening Wahaca was another big highlight! And then lastly it’s when I go to Mexico on a research trip I feel like I have to pinch myself that this is now my job: going to this amazing country and eating for a living is just fantastic!'


How do you relax?

'Pre-Covid I was pretty bad at relaxing. I am not someone who feels at ease doing nothing and then something happened when Covid hit: it made me think about the things that are important, think about the frantic pace of life that seems to be going on around me. So, these days, I have a new puppy who I do a lot of early morning walks with. Catching the first rays of sun on my face, seeing him scamping around is really wonderful. I also love swimming and I do a lot of breath work which I find really powerful, and it helps to me to feel a bit stiller in a world that is very rushed and hectic.'

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