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The Story of the Shae

The Story of the Shae

Our bestselling Shae dress is one of the pieces that truly defines style at IRIS. With its first colourway arriving in 2019, it has been a hit whenever a new version is out, being constantly reinvented in new prints, fabrics and colours. Having been featured in Red Magazine and a popular style amongst bloggers such as @dailydressedit, @annabromilow and @gaylerinkoff, it is easy to see why it flies off the rails!

The style is universally flattering and comfortable with a gathered waist, as well as having beautiful feminine frill details across the cuffs, and a subtle puff shoulder in a maxi fit. The fabric is a classic crisp cotton so it is able to keep its slightly prairie shape, and means it is completely trans-seasonal - wear with boots and a big fluffy coat for Winter, or with sandals and a denim jacket for summer. Whatever the season, there is a Shae dress for you and your wardrobe.


The main inspiration behind the Shae dress goes back to the Iris trademark style, being inspired by bohemia in the streets of London in the 1970s, and designers such as Laura Ashley really helped mold the ethos of the style of Iris. The fabrics for the Shae, being the velvet, cord and floral (so far!), are a nod to the vintage prints and fabrics from this era, and are super versatile and easy to pair.

Moreover, the Shae dress is one example of the ways in which Iris is trying to move forward in being more sustainable, by working with factories that only accept small orders so the products are all limited runs (so always best to get one whilst you can!). The amount of fabric required is all that is ordered so there is no waste, and any off cuts are made into sweet face masks that you can match with your Shae for a gorgeous coordinated look that is both safe and stylish!

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The Party Shae - Velvet

The Velvet Shae is one of our most popular versions, that came in a festive green for the winter of 2019, and a stunning teal for the winter of 2020. A beautiful gown that is perfect for party season, see how @dailydressedit (top right) and @buffysees (bottom right) have styled theirs.

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Fabulous in Floral

The Floral Shae is the original Shae dress design, coming in a pink ditsy floral print originally back in 2018. It’s nod to vintage floral prints and earthy tones epitomise the bohemian vibe of Iris style. The recent update with the splash of bright pink set on a black cotton is one of our favourites! See how @dresslikeamum (top left), @thelondonchatter (top right), and @littlespree (bottom right), have worn theirs.

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Colourful in Cord

The Cord Dress was the first Shae style to come in for 2020 and was an instant hit. The pumpkin spice and red cord versions are super simple to wear and easy to style, just pair with your favourite military boots and you’re good to go. Keep your eyes peeled for a new version soon… See how our creative director Annie (top left), @gaylerinkoff (top right), and @annabromilow (bottom left) have worn theirs.

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Find your pop of colour here...

The Shae Dress is definitely here to stay for 2021, with developments on a new cord and patchwork style to come soon... watch this space!

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