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5 Questions with Emilia Fox

5 Questions with Emilia Fox

We were so thrilled to get to sit down with Emilia Fox, British actress, presenter and star of Silent Witness amongst a litany of other prestigious work for our “5 questions with” series.

Shot at our creative director Annie’s house in Queens Park Emilia styled new pieces from our Spring by Iris collection beautifully. She let us into her own personal style secrets, wellness tips for surviving the work/life balance and why by Iris is her go to brand for effortless everyday chic.



Did you know from a young age you wanted to act?

I didn’t want to act at all! I was extremely shy and didn’t want to do the same job as lots of my family do. I went to university and thought writing would be my future, but got a holiday job in the TV series Pride & Prejudice, that saved me from another summer of waitressing. And that’s when I got the acting bug and am so pleased I did. I have loved every second of this job and it never feels like work. It’s doing something I love.


When you are not working what would a favourite day out in London consist of for you?

I love early mornings and markets - so going to Borough Market or Columbia Road market is one of my absolute favourite things to do - combining two passions - food and flowers! And then I’d like to go for lunch in a small, delicious cafe with the best coffee. Followed by a walk along the river, or sometimes my boyfriend will take us out rowing in his boat with the three dogs. An early supper in town followed by going to the theatre or cinema would be my ultimate treat to make a perfect day out in London. 

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Wellness tips that you are currently swearing by?

I think having worked on Silent Witness for so long and having been to two real post mortems, I am very conscious of health and what we put in our bodies. I was brought up eating healthily and loving food by my mum and I’ve always loved food that makes me feel good. When I had my daughter (13 years ago) it took me a while to find my way back to exercise - and now I swear by doing a bit, even a tiny bit, every day if I can. Starting home workouts in lockdown definitely helped as there are no more excuses for not being able to get to the gym. I feel way more confident physically, and positive mentally, if I’ve done some exercise in the day. I don’t drink alcohol but love alternatives like Agua de Madre or Seedlip. I drink coffee, which I constantly question whether I could live without but always decide I couldn’t because it makes me happy. And good sleep is one of the best tonics for feeling well. I think being outside  - whether the garden, a park or countryside - is nature’s miracle cure for wellbeing.

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Summarise your everyday style for us?

The style I most love is classic, colourful and feminine - but one of the reasons I love acting is you are always being asked to play different people with different styles, so I’m always up for trying a variety of styles and not just sticking to what I know and love. 

Tell us what you love about by Iris and what your picks are from this seasons collection?

I love by Iris because they are exactly what I look for - classic and feminine - dresses, skirts and shirts in styles that I know suit my shape and I will keep in my wardrobe always. But I saw this season’s tobacco trousers, and although I wouldn’t normally think of wearing trousers like that because of my height, having worn them for the shoot I absolutely love them! They feel so stylish and contemporary and with the black shirt I would wear them in the day, but also for going out somewhere fun or smart at night - definitely the pick of this season’s collection for me! And of course I love the Jamie - Rose ditsy blouse because roses are my favourite flowers and I have a daughter called Rose. 


Follow this link to be notified when our new Nixi dress is available, which Emilia is wearing in this feature: 

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Jamie Blouse- Rose Ditsy



Tatum Denim Jacket- Blue



Darizo Healed Boots- Taupe



Natalia Cotton Blouse- Granite



Luca Wide Trouser- Tobacco


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