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5 Questions with Gayle Rinkoff

5 Questions with Gayle Rinkoff

We’re so excited to share with you the latest edition of our 5 questions series with Gayle Rinkoff in which we discuss all things styling and wardrobe favourites. Also, we’re sharing a preview of our Gayle x Iris collaboration which we have been excitedly working on behind the scenes – we really couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. It launches tomorrow,  Monday, 23rd May at 8am, so keep your eyes peeled and for now: Enjoy the read! x

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Summer is fast approaching and so is the holiday season, we wanted to ask you if you could pick 3 wardrobe essentials that definitely have to come with you?

'Gosh, just 3! That is a tall order but one of them is obviously my collaboration dress with Iris. It’s super easy to wear, 100% cotton, the prettiest colours and perfectly boho. 

My second piece would be a piece I have had for well over 15 years from the Topshop x Kate Moss collaboration. It is a short white embroidered kaftan and it still looks super chic and cool. 
And finally in the hope of always being able to dress up, it would have to be a pink Love Shack Fancy dress I indulged in last year. It looks equally amazing with heels or flats, on the beach or in the bar.'

Being a celebrity stylist with over 25 years of experience in the industry what would you say it is people are looking for in an outfit?

'This definitely changes depending on where you are at in your life but more often than not, I get asked what people should invest in. I believe that the pandemic changed peoples shopping habits and everyone is looking for pieces that can work hard and are not just one hit wonders. Pieces that will last for years and not go out of fashion, that you can wear several ways and not just with jeans.'

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Do you think there is a difference in styling a person for a shoot in comparison to a real life event and if yes, how so?

'Absolutely. I used to work on magazines for 10 years and thought that was all I ever wanted to do but putting a designer outfit on a 5’10’ model was always super easy. Yes they looked incredible but where was the challenge? You could also put pins in, bulldog clips, tape, anything really to get the shot.  Even fishing wire to hold up a hem. But real life is different. I love working with real women and different body shapes. It is so much more rewarding. When you find the right outfit for someone who has told you they feel like they have lost their way, that is the best feeling.'

Our collaboration is launching next week. Can you tell us a little bit more about the design choices behind this dress?

'I am a hippie at heart. Born in the wrong era. I should always be wafting around in bohemian frocks in the sunshine! I am so excited about the collaboration. It is a shape I love and the pink and green together just make it feel fresh and Summery. My home has a lot of pink and green together and I love it so it felt right to put the two together for the dress. And being a mum of 3 girls, I just love that there is a mini me version. My older two are far too cool for skool but there will be no stopping my youngest popping it on on our next holiday.'

And finally, what would you tell your 18 year old self?

'Don't sweat the small stuff, take more risks, read more books!'


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The Gayle and Leni Dresses will be available to order from 8am on Monday 23rd May

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