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5 Questions with Donna Ida

5 Questions with Donna Ida

We have a special “5 questions with” feature for you this week in celebration of International Women’s day - a day close to our heart at Iris as a women founded and run business. To mark the occasion we have sat down with a few of the awesome and inspirational female founders we stock at Iris to find out what inspired them to set up their businesses, how they manage to run them in tandem with their personal lives and what they do to relax (occasionally)! To kick off our series we chatted to the gregarious and dynamic super woman that is Donna Ida aka “the Jean Queen”

Donna is not only featuring in our ‘women founders’ series but you can also meet her in person at the fabulous Pop Up event we are hosting with Donna Ida Denim in our Battersea store on Friday 8th March. Come and have a chat with Donna & her expert team and let her guide you through her best-selling denim collection and give you an insiders knowledge into the super flattering denim styles she has created through her years of experience in the sector and how to find the perfect fitting jeans for you.

Love Iris X

What inspired you to set up your business?

I knew I had to work for myself, which I discovered in my 20’s. I wasn’t a great employee because I always wanted to do everything my own way and I knew I would be most valuable working for myself, as the employer. I also didn’t ever want my income to be limited. I wanted it to be limited only by how hard I worked, or how smart I wanted to be. I wanted it to be on me, and nobody else.


Why do you think women are good at running businesses?

I think women just really, really juggle, and do things quickly because they have so many things to juggle. They get on, make it happen, and move on to the next thing. 

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What helps you with the inevitable life juggle running your own business requires?

Not thinking about it, and just doing it. I just get up and start ploughing through everything. I think if you start procrastinating it doesn’t work - and we are all guilty of that from time to time. But it’s move, move, move. Make everything happen quickly. I also don’t sit down a lot. I actually work standing up. For me, that keeps me physically moving, as well as my mind moving; I think standing and walking around is better for you.

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What are the benefits of working for yourself/ pitfalls?

Every benefit. The buck stops with you. So of course that means that all the aggro is with you, but also, all the joy and satisfaction. I think working for yourself is the best thing in the world. It’s an amazing gift to yourself.

Any words of advice to future female entrepreneurs?

Just do it, and don’t give up. So many people, even friends, have said to me over the years, “Oh you work so hard”, and they see it as a negative. I think it’s such a positive thing. I love working. I have loads to do, but it’s a beautiful Monday morning and I’m living a great life, providing for myself. So I’m very lucky. Create your own destiny and the life you want.

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