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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

International Women’s day is a celebration at the core of what we do at Iris. As a business run (predominantly) by and for Women, the needs, tastes desires of Women are woven into the fabric of our business & daily lives. To mark the occasion this year we thought it only right to celebrate the customers who are at the heart of everything we do & who it gives us so much joy to see wearing and enjoying our collections season after season.

There is nothing more inspiring than seeing real women looking stylish & effortless in their own inimitable way and it is something we get the pleasure of doing every day at Iris through the incredible women who walk into our stores, from all walks of life in so many professions. Here 5 cool, stylish & inspiring Iris customers showed us what they would choose from the by Iris collection, how they would style it, and talked us through what place fashion holds for them in their busy careers and daily lives and what they love to wear from IRIS.

What came across so strongly in talking to them is that in so many varying walks of life & professions, be it a surgeon (Anne) a lawyer ( Jo) a landscape gardener (Honor) a film producer (Sunita) & a teacher (Juliette) professions which you may think a stylish wardrobe may not be a focus - they all felt strongly that great, effortless & timeless clothes & fashion flair still feature in their day to day and help to bring them joy and confidence in the workplace.

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Jo Mathouse - VP Atlantic Records

How do you dress for work?

I work in the music industry for a record label so it’s a relaxed and creative environment. Self expression and authenticity are encouraged so I have the freedom to dress how I chose.

I work on the commercial side of the business so I do like to dress reasonably smartly a lot of the time. On days when I have meetings or an artist signing, or if I have an event in the evening, I will wear a midi or long dress, with trainers during the day or heeled boots in the evening. On more relaxed days I’ll wear boyfriend jeans with a cashmere knit or a relaxed style blouse/top. I’m a mum of two so I still do quite a bit of rushing around dropping off or picking up kids - so comfort is key.

What do you love about the By Iris collection ?

It’s comfortable, feminine, flattering and manages to be fashionable but classic at the same time. I love outfits based around one main piece and there is always a great selection of dresses and jumpsuits. I’m a big fan of soft and comfortable fabrics so the cashmere jumpers are a winner for me. A lot of By Iris pieces are really versatile so are easy to dress up or down. I love the Shae dress and have two in different fabrics on heavy rotation for work wear.

Why did you chose the Elena dress ?

I love long dresses and I was drawn to the fluidity of the fabric. It’s super comfortable and the fabric drapes in a very flattering way. I like the femininity of the blousy puffed sleeves. There’s a beautiful gold fleck running through the material which makes it an ideal party choice. It’s the perfect combination of comfortable, feminine and glam - so I wore it straightaway to The Brits!


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Jo's Picks


Wilson Heart Belcher Necklace


Juliette Schneidermann - Specialist Teacher Assessor

How do you dress for work?

Comfort! Layering in winter. I am inside and outside during the school day, picking up children from their classrooms and taking them to my office so I get hot and cold. I also have to do playground duty. Jeans with a shirt and cardigan is my go to or a dress with boots and a cardigan.

How does your sense of fashion/ style fit in with your profession?

Casual. Being able to dress something up or down if I need to meet with parents or other professionals depending on my work day.

What do you love about the by iris collection and what is why did you pick the pieces you are wearing?

The By Iris sizing works well for me. Great fit. I also like the quality of the clothing and obviously the designs. It has a French feminine feel for me with a boho edge. I love wearing floaty dresses which I combined with a rock chick fitted jacket. The floral print is super cute and I like the ease of a collarless jacket to chuck on over something.

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Juliette's Picks

Anne Schmidt - Consultant Neuroradiologist

How do you dress for work?

On the days I am operating, I quickly put on some lycras/sportswear and get changed into scrubs as soon as I arrive at work. When I am in meetings or seeing outpatients I wear tailored trousers or skirts with shirts or knitwear or put on a suit whenever it needs to be more formal.

How does your sense of fashion/ style fit in with your profession?

Working in healthcare, I dress more conservatively, which I don't mind. There's always a way to put on your personal touch/creativity, by using more unusual fabrics or cuts and accessories.

What do you love about the by iris collection and why did you pick the pieces you are wearing?

I love the colours and flowy fabrics, especially now that the weather gets warmer. Choosing the pieces was easy, the green cashmere jumper was super cozy and pairing it with a summery skirt and comfy sneakers felt like the perfect match.

https://cdn https://cdn

Anne's Picks

Honor Bates - Landscape Designer

How do you dress for work?

As a landscape designer I dress mostly in jeans and jumpers for work but need to be presentable to my clients. I’m outside a lot so need to be warm too.

How does your sense of fashion / style fit in with your profession?

I used to be a textile designer and the quality of the fabric is really important to me. I wore nothing but printed dresses and blouses for years but I now wear less prints and more smart jumpers!

What do you love about the by iris collection and why did you pick the pieces you are wearing?

I picked the jeans skirt and wool jumper as it’s something I can wear everywhere. I particularly love the By Iris collection for the beautiful prints they use. I was wearing one under my jumper but it’s not in view!

https://cdn https://cdn

Honor's Picks

Sunita Mirchandani Hyams - Film Producer

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Sunita's Picks

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